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SmartLighting - Cloud based control
Download (pdf), 1181 KB
LED module information
Download (pdf), 61 KB
ROAL Digital Light Catalogue
Download (pdf), 2.88 MB
CEZOS - Customized LED modules with mid-power LEDs
Download (pdf), 2.50 MB
ILS - Light for you High Power LLFY June 2013
Download (pdf), 961 KB
Haeusermann - Workshop Printout
Download (pdf), 2.80 MB
Häusermann - Press Release
Download (pdf), 43 KB
HSMtec - Intelligent Printed Circuit Boards for innovative LED products
Download (pdf), 1.97 MB
Download (pdf), 622 KB
LED Through an Optic
Carclo Technical Plastics
Download (pdf), 3.8 MB
Thermal Management of LED's
DK Thermal Solutions
Download (pdf), 503 KB
Bringing Light to Life
Texas Instruments
Download (pdf), 474 KB

SoftRay Introduction
SoftRay Co., Ltd.
Download (pdf), 3.2 MB
Powering the Lighting Revolution
RECOM Electronic GmbH
Download (pdf), 4.2 MB
Driving the Lighting Revolution
Inventronics (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd
Download (pdf), 3.5 MB
Standard Star PCB and 30up array dimensions
DK Thermal Solutions
Download (pdf), 359 KB
Wisefull – LED cooling products
Wisefull Technology Ltd.
Download (pdf), 1.1 MB
Standard & Custom Imaging & Non-Imaging Optics
Download (pdf), 7.1 MB
High Power LED Applications
Download (pdf), 1.7 MB
7 OSLON Cluster lens from Ledil
Download (pdf), 441 KB
Area Light Reference Design
Download (pdf), 584 KB
Bergquist: "MCPCB's and Thermal Interface Material Considerations for High Power LED Lighting Applications" – Workshop- San Diego, CA, October 28, 2010
Download (pdf), 2.0 MB
Infineon: "Power Factor Correction" – Workshop-San Diego, CA, October 28, 2010
Download (pdf), 1.1 MB
Texas Instruments: "The Impact of Low Frequency Ripple Current on LEDs and LED drivers" – Workshop-San Diego, CA, October 28, 2010
Download (pdf), 1.0 MB

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