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Brilliant Mix - the universal electronic control solution

Platform to enable to access the benefits of OSRAM's Brilliant Mix Concept, which provides the possibility to adjust dimming and CCT independently by keeping the efficacy above 103 lm/W. The Off-the-Shelf solution is provided for operation with a DC-Voltage between 20V and 48VDC. Modifications according to customers needs can be provided by Elec-Con technology. Brilliant Mix, made simply and brilliant! Get more information

Elec-Con technology and OSRAM Opto Semiconductor have developed in cooperation with Infineon Technologies and MAZeT this unique, highly flexable and universal electronic control platform. The platform consists of a controller-board including the Brilliant-Mix-Firmware, a current-source with 4 driver-channels, a Light-Engine containing OSRAM Brilliant-Mix-LED’s in 4 colors and can optionally be equipped with a True-Color-Sensor-Module. Using one controller, you can operate multiple current-sources, and with each current–source you can drive multiple Standard-Light-Engines or even a customized Light-engine made by Elec-Con especially for you. CCT and Dimming can be either adjusted by an On-Board-Trimmer, or by using dedicated universal analog or digital interfaces, which are implemented in the shape of an Extension-Port on the PCB of the controller. All components of the Brilliant-Mix-Platform are strictly harmonized and can be used in an application in shape of the existing modules. Likewise all modules offer the possibility to be customized by Elec-Con in a great manner according to the applications needs.

Key Performance Parameters (on module level)

Min. Typ. Max
CCT [K] 2700 6500
CRI (Ra) 90 92 96
Efficacy [lm/W] 103 110
Luminous Flux [lm] 600 1250

As an accessory to the Brilliant Mix Demo-Kit and even the Brilliant Mix Boards the special Brilliant-Mix-GUI - Program 'BMC-Graph' is available for free here.
By this GUI-Program the user is in the position to see the Cx and Cy of the color-sensor, and to adjust the 4 color-channels separately. From BMC-Graph R2.x on it is possible to set CCT and Dimming of the Brilliant-Mix-System by a Windows-PC. The connection between PC and the Brilliant Mix Controller-Board is established by the Brilliant Mix Adaptor-Cable-Kit, which is available as a separate accessory.

Fields of application
  • Medical Lighting
  • Museum Lighting
  • Workstation Lighting
  • Shop-/Window Lighting
  • Shop-Counter Illumination
  • Designer Luminaires
  • Hospitality

  • Tunable CCT (2700 K – 6500K) combined with an CRI of Ra >90 and independently dimming option, combined with an Efficacy of >103lm/W.
  • Electronic Solution available as modules Off-the-Shelf, and can furthermore be customized by Elec-Con according to customers needs.

Relevant Competence Area:
Electronic Solutions

Electronic Solutions
LED Power suppliers/drivers, Electronic and control engineering, Electronics manufacturing services

System Integrator

System Integrator
Project consulting / LED solutions

Products used:
  • OSLON SSL150 Amber
  • OSLON SSL150 Blue
  • OSLON SSL150 Arctic White
  • OSLON SSL150 Equal White

Photo Credits:

Elec-Con technolgy GmbH, 94034 Passau

Project Credits:

Elec-Con technology GmbH
Infineon Technologies
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors

Quick Start Manual for Brilliant-Mix-Demo-Kit

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