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ILS Programmable 4 Channel LED Driver

A power supply from ILS for use in the development of Tuneable White and RGB/RGBW LED products. The PSU can also be used with any system that requires up to 4 channels of controllable LED drive. The driver is to be connected to a 24V supply and each of the 4 channels can deliver a maximum drive current of 999mA. There are 2 modes of active operation: a programmed mode, and a stand-alone mode, both allowing complete flexibility of operation.

ILS Programmable 4 Channel LED Driver ILS Programmable 4 Channel LED Driver

The ILA-4CHANNEL-LED-TUNER-001. is quite different to a standard LED driver. Most are fixed current; some drivers have selectable currents, or even a potentiometer. This driver is fully programmable – simply write down the currents in a list in excel, save the file to a USB stick, plug it into the driver and play it back. To change the currents over a set period of time, it’s also really simple as each line in the excel file has a time duration in seconds before it moves on to the next line. If you need 10 different currents over a period of time, just write 10 lines in the program. When it’s finished it goes back to the start and repeats the sequence.

The currents can be controlled between 1 and 999mA in 1mA increments, and the timings between 100ms and 9,999.9s (about 2.7 Hrs). If this not be long enough, simply repeat the same step over and over to get the duration you need.

Many applications need to change the colour of light over a timeframe. The 4 channel controller has 4 fully independent channels allowing you to select 4 different LED colours and mix them into a huge range of intermediate colours. A great starting point is the RGBW OSLON kit (IES-SHIELD-RGBW). This will give you a full rainbow of colours.

The 4 channel driver is also extremely well suited to drive the Tuneable White 4 OSLON board (ILH-OW04-HWUL-PC211-WIR200.) This will allow gradual control from warm to cool white.

It’s really simple to create a 24Hr program to re-create a circadian lighting pattern for animal welfare or aquatic lighting, or a photosynthesis based program to grow plants based on the wavelengths needed for individual species. Precise timings can be created and easily changed.

If your application needs an easily programmable light source with multiple channels or colours then this driver is what you need. Add one or more of the matching multi-channel OSLON LED kits and you can be started in a couple of minutes.

See datasheet click here.

The 4 Channel Controller is available for purchase from RS Components:
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LED Products to work with the 4 Channel Controller are also available through RS Components. Please choose the best to suit your requirements.

* OSLON 150 4 LED RGBW PowerStar
Part Number: ILH-OW04-RGBW-PC211-WIR200.
Buy here

* OSLON 80 4 LED RGBW PowerStar
Part Number: ILH-ON04-RGBW-PC211-WIR200.
Buy here

* OSLON SSL 150 4 LED Tuneable White LED Array
Part Number: ILH-OW04-HWUL-PC211-WIR200.
Buy here

* OSLON SSL 150 9 LED Tuneable White LED Array
Part Number: ILR-OW09-HQUX-PC221-WIR200.
Buy here

* OSLON SSL 150 16 LED Tuneable White LED Array
Part Number: ILR-OW16-HWUL-PC221-WIR200.
Buy here

* OSLON SSL 80/150 Petunia Grow Light LED Linear Array
Part Number: ILR-OX12-6WM5HR1DB-PC211-W2.
Buy here

* OSRAM OSTAR Stage 1 LED RGBW PowerStar
Part Number: ILH-OS01-RGBW-SC211-WIR200
For further information please visit
Buy here: Please contact Intelligent LED Solutions by emailing or calling +44 1635 294606

Fields of application
  • Testing individual LEDs at specific currents
  • Testing a colour mix from multiple LEDs
  • Driving LEDs to allow thermal testing
  • Driving the currents required to achieve a specific colour from RGBW LEDs
  • Driving the currents required to achieve a specific colour temperature from Tuneable White LEDs
  • POS display prototyping
  • Horticultural development and prototyping
  • Medical device prototyping and developing
  • Scientific projects

  • Colour rolling with RGBW LEDs
  • Colour temperature rolling with Tuneable White LEDs
  • Colour temperature rolling with Tuneable White LEDs
  • Fully programmable
  • Channels individually controllable
  • Plug and play
  • Compatible with multiple LED options

Relevant Competence Area:
Optical Solutions

Optical Solutions
Optical engineering

Thermal Solutions

Thermal Solutions
Thermal management engineering, Heatsink engineering and manufacturing, Thermal
           management substrates, Thermal interface materials

Electronic Solutions

Electronic Solutions
LED Power suppliers/drivers, Electronics and control engineering, Electronics manufacturing
           services, LED driver ICs

System Integrator

System Integrator
Project consulting / LED solutions, LED modules

Application Photos:

4channel 3, ILA-4CHANNEL-LED-TUNER-001.Front1

Photo Credits:

Intelligent Group Solutions

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Intelligent Group Solutions

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