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Service Partners/Support Partners Region  
ams AG APAC / EU / LATAM / NAFTA info
DEKRA Testing and Certification APAC / EU / LATAM / NAFTA info
Mechaless Systems GmbH | Subsidiary of Elmos Semiconductor AG EU info
QUALILAB S.r.l. EU info
Underwriters Laboratories APAC / EU / LATAM / NAFTA info
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Solid State Lighting

Optical SolutionsOptical

With tailored optical elements mounted directly onto an LED, the emitted light can be shaped to achieve desired beam patterns. The LED can come with an integrated lens. An external optics can also be attached.

Thermal SolutionsThermal

High power LEDs generate heat which affects their optical and electrical characteristics as well as lumen maintenance / lifetime. The heat must be transferred away from the LED to the ambient air by the mounting substrate, thermal interface materials and heat sink.

Electronic SolutionsElectronic

An electrical circuit controls LED operation in the application. An LED driver providing constant electrical current improves color and brightness performance. LED brightness can be regulated by PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) or other current control techniques.

Connector SolutionsConnectors

Our Connector partners offering solderless solutions to fix the CoB LEDs mechanically and electronically in an easy way. The Connector can be used as interface to secondary optics.

System IntegratorSystem Integrator

Our worldwide certified partners bringing LED lighting solutions from vision to reality. You benefit from a one-stop solution which integrates different competencies like optical, thermal and electronical.

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Service Partners/Support Partners

Offering supportive products and services for realizing an LED lighting project.

LED Light for you Certified Distributors

Order LED lighting products quickly and easily at our certified distributors shops.

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